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About us

More than code, Levity is a software development firm focused on bringing earth-shattering products to market in 50% the time an average company will develop using their own recruited team.

What's more, we will help you manage the technology side of your project with intimate understanding and insight with your business. No CTO, no problem. Utilizing agile-fluent methods we will effeciently iterate your solution, providing you the steering wheel to drive the product in your direction as the owner.

Unsure of how to launch? Our experts in business development for SaaS products can collaborate your ideas and optimize revenue models based on your goals. 87% of our clients agree that our business insight helped them produce a more effective product.

Our projects

Check out our latest work below. Each project workflow is optimized for both quality and speed. From development analysis, to design-focused UI, to delivery and execution, we got you covered.

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Web App

Match Learn Launch

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Ranch Baby

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Mobile App Protoype


Meet the team

We've got an amazing team. With great character, bold mindsets, and care for the community; our team dynamics create an environment engineered for innovation. Each member is battle-tested executing tasks in a timely manner, all while making it fun.

Bazyl Horsey
CEO / Developer

I love creating awesome stuff. Making the products people crave and admire for their quality gives me fulfillment. My dream is to lead communities and create a better world.

Michael Martin
CTO / Developer

I'm passionate about new technologies, always looking to learn something everyday and adapt to make dream projects a reality.

Cole Goslar
Project Manager

I joined the Levity Tech team because I could tell that they were dedicated and wanted to make a difference. Outside of working I enjoy working out and expanding my cinematic knowledge.

Martin Lee
Sales Manager

I'm passionate about gaming, memes, and dogs. I pause for a moment right before I say Worcestershire sauce.

Allyssa Ertz

I believe in the power of story. I love that there are so many ways you can tell stories, giving them immense power to actually create a change in the world.

Justin Rubek
Principal Developer

I want to do my part to empower humanity to thrive both on and off Earth by helping create powerful and long lasting tools. If we get there in my life I'm running a space diner on the moon.

Mitch Hoeg

I enjoy coding and playing World of Warcraft.

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